Innovate Past Impossible

Author and visionary Arthur C. Clarke believed that when a scientist says something is impossible, "he is very probably wrong." Our goal is to prove Clarke right.

Through ZOLOZ Research, we're forging powerful partnerships with leading universities and experts in digital identity, innovating faster, investigating further, and never pausing for a second.


Where can we go together?

If your research interests touch digital security and identity, they belong at ZOLOZ Research, whether you’re advancing current understanding or unveiling new ways of thinking.

Anti-Spoofing & Liveness Detection

We agree with researcher Dorothy Denning: “What makes biometrics successful is not secrecy, but rather the ability to determine liveness.” Let’s invent the technology she imagines — imperceptible, untrickable, and more sophisticated than the criminals.

Behavioral & “soft” biometrics

Behavioral biometrics aren’t new, but potential applications are emerging that will solve what traditional cybersecurity methods can’t. If you’re figuring out how to identify someone based on the way they act or interact, we want to partner with you.

Privacy-preserving computing

When someone’s password is compromised, it can be revoked and reset. But when biometrics are compromised, face replacement ... isn’t practical. We need other approaches to authentication and user data protection. Want to get to work?

The possible impossibilities

We’re undaunted by outliers and long odds, so bring us the inconceivable and unthinkable. Arthur C. Clarke again rings in our heads: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” So let’s be wizards.

We're powered by partnerships

When researchers dedicate energy and expertise to emergent technology, incredible things happen. We know --some of ZOLOZ's key developments, such as the Eyeprint, came to life in a lab at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

The partnership generated remarkable developments that we put to work in our products, and showed us what can happen when we collaborate with our field's hungriest, most brilliant minds.

It's why our expectations are high, and our funding and resources are at the ready.