We Evolved Authentication

ZOLOZ combines biometrics, industry-leading spoof detection technology and Optical Character Recognition for a comprehensive solution set that protects, connects and enhances user identity.

What's Now

ZOLOZ’s current technology uses:

Face recognition – with 99.99%+ accuracy.

Optical character recognition (OCR) – transforms a picture of an ID into text that can be compared against a database for real name verification.

Spoof detection – also called liveness or anti-attack technology, spoof detection is the key to prevent someone from using a photo or video to hack the biometric.

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Verification is just as secure

What's Next

Our vision?

We want to use every smartphone sensor to combine identifiers – physical, behavioral analytics, smart environment and more – for constant, maximum protection and connection. 

And we want to go beyond that. Five or ten years from now, people will use devices that look nothing like what we have today. Whatever technology exists then, we'll be ready. We're not only keeping an eye on trends that can impact digital identity tomorrow, we're working to redefine what's possible when it comes to secure, private and user-centric identity solutions.

Verification is just as secure

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