Just Smile

ZOLOZ™ Smile offers your customers freedom – from cards, smartphones, verification codes, passwords, cash, keys and even time. By simply smiling, customers are free to complete transactions with a simple face scan and phone number.

No Smartphone Required

ZOLOZ Smile uses a camera in the self-service machine, whether it is a kiosk, vending machine, monitor or other device, to scan the customer’s face and match it against an existing profile (such as an Alipay profile). It combines face recognition with advanced anti-spoof technology to provide financial grade biometric authentication.

  • Smile to pay

    Smile to Pay

    Ordering at a restaurant kiosk, from a vending machine or self-service store becomes faster and easier.

  • Smile to unlock

    Smile for Delivery

    Retrieving parcel deliveries is faster and simpler with facial recognition.

  • Smile to login

    Smile to Login

    Passwords, PIN codes and One-Time Passwords are a thing of the past

Why Choose ZOLOZ Smile?

Freedom from friction.

Your customers don't have to remember codes or dig wallets or smartphone out of bags or pockets.

The customer is in control.

Customers can also transact at their own pace on their own schedule.

Efficiency through simplicity.

Transactions are faster and easier, reducing or eliminating the need for assistance.

Confidence in security.

Anti-spoof technology keeps criminals from using pictures or videos to hack the system.

See it in Action