Verify Your Customers Remotely and Accurately

Hard copies and handshakes aren’t always possible especially during the pandemic. Verify your customers remotely and within seconds, powered by ZOLOZ™ Real ID, your digital solution for ID processing and identity verification.

Know Your Customer — Anywhere

Powered by AI, deep learning and advanced optical character recognition (OCR), users can verify their identities in seconds any time, anywhere.

When they do, you can trust that you’re meeting your industry’s Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements, adhering to government regulations and staying compliant.

ZOLOZ offers different ways of integration based on business need and resource availability.

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Zoloz RealID
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  • Sign up new users

    Untethered and Easier than Ever

    Wherever and whenever they choose, your customer can accomplish any verification task:

  • Sign up new users

    Sign up new users in an instant

    All your future customers need is a smartphone and your Real ID-infused app.

  • Keep customers on new devices

    Be ready for their new devices

    Our cloud-based solution lets customers get right back to using your services.

  • Account Recovery

    Provide frustration-free recovery

    Real ID offers secure account recovery that won’t require a visit or phone call.

  • Customer Records

    Keep tabs on customer records

    You’ll stay on top of KYC or real name verification requirements and flagged suspicious behavior.

  • Authenticate

    Authenticate at every critical moment

    Fast, easy biometric authentication can secure any high-value mobile transaction.

The solution is being released on a country-by-country basis.

Why Choose ZOLOZ Real ID?

Access advanced tech

The ZOLOZ Real ID SDK couples authoritative photo-ID database comparison with best-in-class biometric recognition.

Stay ahead of fraudsters

Our industry-leading spoof detection ensures the authenticity of every sign-up.

Forget the footprint

As a truly digital, mobile solution, the ZOLOZ Real ID SDK can eliminate the need to onboard people at a physical location.

Be First to the Future

Book your appointments with experts now to understand ZOLOZ Real ID capability and determine if it's right for you!

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