ZOLOZ Connect

Bringing authentication and identity to the next level with easy-to-use biometrics and advanced spoof detection.

One Identity, Connected

With the ZOLOZ™ Connect identity platform, users create comprehensive, cloud-based digital identities they’ll carry across apps and experiences, making passwords obsolete and authentication effortless.

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Zoloz Connect

What is the ZOLOZ Connect identity platform?

TODAY: The ZOLOZ Connect identity platform lets users sign up, log in and stay logged in to applications and services like yours, centralizing and simplifying mobile security. 

TOMORROW: In the future, we’ll use that smartphone’s capabilities to combine identifiers — eyes, face, behavioral analytics and questions only users can answer — for constant, maximum protection.

  • Forget Passwords

    Forget Passwords. Really.

    Let your users log in with the ZOLOZ Connect identity platform and without the hassle of passwords.

  • Forget Passwords

    Add An Extra Layer of Security.

    Require an authentication step using the ZOLOZ Connect identity platform for high value transactions.

  • Forget Passwords

    Scrap The SMS or Phone Call.

    Add second-factor authentication to secure call center or ATM interactions.

  • Forget Passwords

    Ensure It's The Right Person

    Enable authentication via the ZOLOZ Connect identity platform at the time of a mobile payment.

Why Use the ZOLOZ Connect Platform?

Logging on doesn't get any easier.

Your customers will never forget or reset a password - because they are the password.

Our technology gives customers confidence.

Best-in-class spoof detection and data encryption ensures customers feel safe when they access your app or service.

Verification is more than 99.99% accurate.

The ZOLOZ Connect identity platform provides financial grade accuracy, minimizing the potential for fraud.

Implementation is easy.

The ZOLOZ Connect identity platform is ready to deploy, scale and use on nearly all platforms and smart devices.

Easier onboarding and updates.

Facilitate smoother onboarding or profile updates on the device, removing the need for in-person verification.