ZOLOZ Evolution


We make it simple to be known, trusted and safe in the digital world by offering biometrics-based solutions to replace PINs, passwords and offline identity verification.

A Partnership Born of Trust

ZOLOZ™ provides global identity verification software, and is the brand for the Ant Group's many security capabilities created while developing and operating the Alipay™ super-app. Ant Group™ acquired EyeVerify™ (dba ZOLOZ US) following approval by the US government in 2016.  ZOLOZ US is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ant Group, a Chinese company.  ZOLOZ US continues to be fully managed and operated by US personnel located in Kansas City, Missouri.

ZOLOZ Global is headquartered in Singapore and focused to serve Asia Pacific clients.

Ant Group is dedicated to using technology to enable ordinary people and small businesses to enjoy equal financial and life services.  For more information on Ant Group, visit antgroup.com