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As more and more people manage their daily lives digitally, they expect to connect effortlessly across devices and experiences and feel secure while they do so.

ZOLOZ helps them do just that. Our breakthrough solutions factor in who users are and what devices they use, so that they don’t simply feel authenticated — they feel recognized.

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Biometrics, Fused and Secured

Today, ZOLOZ uses facial recognition combined with industry-leading spoof detection technology to ensure that your customers' identities remain uncompromised.

In the future, we’ll add other biometrics, behavioral analytics and questions only individual users can answer to further strengthen the customer experience without adding time or frustration.

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As part of Ant Group's pledge to bring the world equal opportunities through  an open ecosystem of Internet thinking and technologies, we’re driven to invent astonishing security features that are simple to use.

"ZOLOZ's state of the art financial grade biometric technology empowers the user to enjoy easy to use, reliable and secure identity verification service in the digital world." Jidong Chen, General Manager, Zoloz
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